Course Information: Introduction to the Computing Environment at SRU

Computer Science Department
Course Competency Plan
COURSE: CpSc 100 Introduction to the Computing Environment at SRU

Course Description: A one credit course to introduce students to the computing environment at Slippery Rock University. Topics covered include the PC and mainframe environment, accessing information services, ethics of the computing era, and the future of computing at Slippery Rock University. Prerequisites: None

Course Outcomes: This course and its outcomes support the Information Systems Learning Outcomes of Communication and Interpersonal Skills (C&IS) and Ethical and Professional Responsibilities (E&PR). These Information Systems Learning Outcomes are tied directly to the University Wide Outcomes of Communication and Values and Ethics.

Course ObjectivesDepartmental Learning Outcomes
The student will be able to:
  1. Access the various computing systems available on the SRU campus. [C&IS b]
  2. Use a virus protection program. [E&PR b]
  3. Access the Internet via various current services. [C&IS b]
  4. Transfer files between computer systems. [E&PR a]
  5. Distinguish among different computing systems on campus. [C&IS b]
  6. Access SRU's on-line catalog. [C&IS b]
Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
Use written, oral and electronic methods for effective communication.

Ethical and Professional Responsibilities.
Discern and articulate the impact of technologies on society.