Course Information: Computer Gadget Project

Computer Science Department
Course Competency Plan
COURSE: CpSc 315 Computer Gadget Project

Course Description: This course introduces the students to digital electronics and programming based on popular single-board microcontroller and single-board computer system platforms to interact with their environment with sensors and actuators, which can find applications in robotics, home automation, the Internet of things, cyber-physical systems, and sensor networks. Topics include the architecture of single-board microcontroller and single-board computer system, basic electricity and electronics, system connection and configuration, and programming. Prerequisites: CPSC 146 and CPSC 207

Course Objectives
The student will be able to:
  1. Design and construct digital electronics project using single-board microcontrollers and single-board computer systems and supporting devices
  2. Write modular programs that execute to given specifications, terminate normally, are well documented, and are readable.
  3. Recognize the need to keep up with emerging electronic devices and interfaces.