Course Information: Systems Administration and Security

Computer Science Department
Course Competency Plan
COURSE: CpSc 327 Systems Administration and Security

Course Description: Students will learn administration techniques for at least two popular computer operating systems, with special attention to system security. Techniques for managing networking, remote printing, storage allocation, account management, and backup will be discussed. Common techniques for breaching system security, and methods of defense against such attacks, will be emphasized. Prerequisite: CpSc 317. (3 credits)

Course Outcomes: This course and its outcomes support the Information Technology Learning Outcomes of Problem Solving and Critical Thinking (PS&CT) and Ethical and Professional Responsibilities (E&PR). These Information Technology Learning Outcomes are tied directly to the University Wide Outcomes of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Values and Ethics.

DegreeProgram ObjectiveAssessed Course Objective
IT I.a. Apply programming and system management techniques to address information technology problems 1. Set up network servers of various types, such as file servers, Web servers, and print servers.
IT III.d. Plan for and ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of data 2. Avoid system security problems and deal with new ones that are discovered.

Additional Course Objectives include:
The student will be able to:

  1. Choose an appropriate server operating system, from among several popular ones, for the application at hand.
  2. Create, manage, and delete user accounts.
  3. Backup and restore the data and programs stored on network disk drives.