Course Information: Introduction to Web Graphics

Computer Science Department
Course Competency Plan
COURSE: CpSc 337 Introduction to Web Graphics

Course Description: This course will expose the student to the standards for Web and mobile graphics such as SVG, CSS, and canvas. Topics include color models, coordinate systems, coordinate transformations, and popular image formats. Covered are vector and pixel-based approaches as well as both declarative and scripted models of graphical content creation. Prerequisite: CpSc217, or CpSc 130 and 150. (3 credits)

Course Outcomes: This course and its outcomes support the Information Technology Learning Outcomes of Problem Solving and Critical Thinking (PS&CT) and Ethical and Professional Responsibilities (E&PR). These Information Technology Learning Outcomes are tied directly to the University Wide Outcomes of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Values and Ethics.


Program Objective

Assessed Course Objective


I.b. Integrate desing and implementation principles to develop effective Web pages

 1. Develop Web and mobile graphics that utilize appropriate color and grahpical models. 


I. e. Create efficient graphical client/server applications


II.c. Devise effective user interfaces for the Web

 2. Develop effective graphics for user interfaces.


III.a. Determine the economic and organizational effects of information technology on global society

 3. Develop Web graphics for a global and diverse population.