Course Information: Interface Design

Computer Science Department
Course Competency Plan
COURSE: CpSc 427 Interface Design

Course Description: This Information Technology major course uses graphical user interface design concepts to introduce interface design possibilities. This senior-level course requires students to produce an intricate interface that utilizes systems design, information management, systems administration & security, and programming concepts from lower-level courses. This course is intended as a capstone course that introduces human user interface theory and practice. Prerequisites: CpSc 413 and CpSc 317. (3 credits)

Course Outcomes: This course and its outcomes support the Information Technology Learning Outcomes of Problem Solving and Critical Thinking (PS&CT) and Communication and Interpersonal Skills (C&IS). These Information Technology Learning Outcomes are tied directly to the University Wide Outcomes of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving and Communication.

This course engages students in the following high impact practice: writing-intensive

DegreeProgram ObjectiveAssessed Course Objective
IT I.a. Apply programming and system management techniques to address information technology problems 1. Build web based projects with appropriate computer-human interface designs and techniques.
IT II.c. Devise effective user interfaces for the web 2. Work with a team to develop large interface design project.
IT II.d. Work cooperatively in teams and with others
IT II.b. Use written, oral, and electronic communication to convey technical information effectively 3. Develop a written report concerning a large interface design project.
4. Develop an oral reports concerning a large interface design project.
IT III.a. Determine the economic and organizational effects of information technology on global society 5. Demonstrate understanding of the cultural and social interplay between technology and humans.

Additional Course Objectives include:
The student will be able to:

  1. Describe and analyze computer-human interface design theory and techniques.
  2. Create interactive Web pages within the constraints of system security and administration requirements.
  3. Utilize appropriate tools for interface design projects.