Dr. Conlon's Python Page

Many of these programs and resources were created for the Summer Link-to-Learn IT Workshops in 2001 and 2002.

Python Resources:

A Python quick-reference card, Ref_card.rtf (rich text format)

A TkInter quick-refernce card, tkinter_card.rtf (rich text format)

Python Game Programs:

Guess!: Guess the Number (command-line version)

Tk_guess: Guess the Number (GUI version)

Stop Me!: Try to press the stop button before it moves!

Blockade: How long can you last?

Hunt the Wumpus! A Python version of the classic text game from 101 BASIC Computer Games. This Python version is, IMHO, a good example of object-oriented programming.

Eliza, a text-mode program that simulates a Rogerian psychotherapist. Originally, I think, a Lisp program from Stanford University, this is a translation into Python of the version published in BASIC in Creative Computing magazine. It was also published in Creative Computing's More BASIC Computer Games. This Python version has enhanced punctuation and capitalization.

Banner, a text-mode program to print out banners with variable sized letters on pin-feed computer paper. I guess you could use sheet-feed paper and tape it together, too. Banner was originally written by Daniel Vernon of Butler, Pa., and "extensively modified" by Steve North of Creative Computing, for publication in 101 BASIC Computer Games. The only similarities between this program and the original in BASIC are the algorithm and 42 of the 65 lines of data.

Tk_banner is a version of the above program with a graphical user interface added. I am not sure that either version is completely ready for prime time. Your comments, bug fixes, and enhancements will be appreciated.

Adj_colors is a program to help find hex codes for colors. It is has a "Web-safe colors only" mode, too.

See also RockTest, a Python program for managing computer programming competitions.

Date of last modification: December 15, 2003