CpSc 236, Selected Programming Languages: Python

Syllabus, Spring 2002

Meets: MWF 1 (8:30-9:20 a.m.), ECB 119

InstructorOffice PhoneE-mail
Michael P. Conlon, Ph.D.106D Maltby Center 724-738-2143michael.conlon@sru.edu

Office Hours: see my home page.

Office hours are for you! Please come see me before problems become overwhelming. If I am doing other work during my office hours, it is because no one has come to see me. You are not interrupting!

Course Goals:Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


Worldwide Web Resources

Important Dates:Exam 1 Exam 2Final
Fri, Feb 22Fri, Apr 12Mon, May 6, 8-10 a.m.

Attendance Policy: You are expected to attend and participate in class. Your grade will be reduced if your attendance is not regular. For this purpose, being late to class three times will be counted as one absence.

Grading:Exams ProjectsMisc.
45%45% 10%

Plagiarism Policy: Students are reminded of the University plagiarism policies in the catalog. I do not consider all "working together" as plagiarism, but you must write your own code. If projects from two students are substantially similar, I will consider both as guilty of plagiarism. You are responsible for keeping your work secure. Students judged guilty of plagiarism will receive WF or F for the course.

Code Re-use Policy: You may incorporate code from sources other than fellow students into your programs, provided you indicate via comments what the source of such code is. (The incorporation of copyrighted code is prohibited, unless you are licensed to use the code. For example, GPL'd code or code from the texts may be reused. Code in Web tutorials or Linux HOWTO's is implicitly licensed for code reuse, provided you do not copy the Web pages in their entirety.)

Grading Policies:

Topics:Associated Reading:
oPython data typesLP, Ch. 1, 2
oPython statementsLP, Ch. 3
oCalling functions in Python programsLP, Ch. 4
oAccessing code from library modules
oWriting structured Python programs
oPython script programming
oClasses in PythonLP, Ch. 6
owxPython and GUI programming:wxpython.org/tutorial.php
oPython threadsPSL, Ch. 3
oNetwork programming in PythonPSL, Ch.7
oMiscellaneous Python topicsTBA