Inds 101, FYRST Seminar

Syllabus: Fall, 2002

Course Goals--Among the goals of this course are:

  1. to promote a positive adjustment to university life for first year computing students
  2. to help students learn to balance their freedom with a sense of responsibility both to themselves and to the university community;
  3. to help students learn a set of adaptive study, coping, critical thinking, problem-solving, and survival skills;
  4. to help students learn how to understand professors' teaching and presentation styles;
  5. to help students make friends and develop a support group; and
  6. to involve students in the total life of the university.

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Section Time Place
7 W 7 (2:30-3:20 p.m.) ECB 305


NamePhone EmailOffice
Michael P. Conlon, Ph.D.724-738-2143 michael.conlon@sru.edu106D Maltby Center

Office hours: For all Computer Science faculty members' schedules and office hours, click here.

Office hours are for you. Please feel free to visit me to discuss any problems. Do not wait until problems become unmanageable. If I am doing other work during my office hours, it is because no student has come to see me. I will gladly drop what I am doing to help you. If my office hours are inconvenient, see me before or after class and we will find a better time to meet.


There is no assigned textbook for my section of FYRST Seminar.
Attendance and participation50%
Homework and other assignments50%

Grading Policy: Assignments are to be completed before the class for which they are assigned. You will not be fully-prepared to participate in a class if you haven't done the assignment. Late assignments will be penalized a full letter grade for each day, or fraction thereof, that they are late. No assignment that is more than one week late will be accepted after the last week of classes has begun. No late assignment will be accepted after the last class of the semester. Of course, exceptions to the late-assignment policy will be made in extraordinary circumstances.
Attendance, participation: There is only one kind of absence. You are expected to attend and participate in class. I will take attendance at each class, and you will be penalized for each class missed. Repeated tardiness will be treated the same as absences.
Email: I may communicate with the class via electronic mail. Assignments may be announced this way. You are responsible for checking your email on SRU's server regularly. Make sure your email client is set up to read from SRU's email server as well as any other server you utilize.
Plagiarism policy: Students determined guilty of plagiarism will receive a failing grade for the course. While I encourage cooperation in study, please ensure that all written assignments are your own work.

Calendar (tentative):
Aug28IntroductionsMeet your advisor.
Sep 4Time ManagementEnter dates into planner.
5Picnic, 5-8 p.m.
11Study skillsNote-taking
30Preparing for RegistrationDARS, etc.

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