David Valentine

Interim Dean ~ College of Business
ECB 305
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, PA   16057

Office Hours ~ Spring 2015

Please contact the Dean's Office in ECB305 (x4789)

Class Schedule Spring 2015

CpSc 403 Intro HCIS MWF 3-3:50 pm ECB 203

Course Information

CpSc 403 Intro to HCIS

csInParallel Videos

I am pleased to be a part of csInParallel.org, an NSF-funded project that "provides a resource for CS educators to find, share, and discuss modular teaching materials that can be used at all levels of the CS curriculum."

There is set of videos demonstrating the use of Intel's Parallel Advisor, OpenMP and Monte Carlo simulation to expose students in CS1/CS2 to simple parallel adaptation of their existing (serial) code. This link will take you to the videos

Intel Webinars

In 2011 I received a microgrant from the Intel Corporation to develop parallel programming materials for the undergraduate curriculum. That began a fruitful collaboration that resulted in a sponsored talk at ACM SIGCSE and two faculty development webinars. We used Intel's Advisor XE to find and then optimize "hotspots" in tradition CS1/CS2 programming assignments. This allowed introductory students to see the concept of multi-core execution of their (serial) code.

Student Cluster Competition at SC

SRU has competed in the last three supercomputer conferences (SC11,12 & 13). At SC11 we earned a slot in the "LittleFe Buildout" event. "LittleFe is a complete 6 node Beowulf style portable computational cluster which supports shared memory parallelism (OpenMP), distributed memory parallelism (MPI), and GPGPU parallelism (CUDA)." Mr. Brian Learn (on the right), a senior computer science major, helped construct SRU's LittleFe machine.
In 2012, SRU entered a team in the Student Cluster Competition-Commodity Track. Student teams used a LittleFe to solve datasets (10k cities) for the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). SRU used a Genetic Algorithm for their solution. The GA didn't have enough computational horsepower to earn us the top number-crunching award, but the team so impressed the judges that SRU walked off with the "Best Comprehension" award. Team members (left to right): Kyle Messner, Carter Danko, James Mullen, Mike Tasota and Robert Lindenberg
SC changed the rules of the competition in 2013 and our SRU team had to design and build the best machine they could with (a) a $2500 budget and (b) a 15-amp power limit. Our "Gibraltar" machine just missed the "Flops/Dollar" award but did perform well in all categories. In fact it beat the "Professionals" team in a follow-up competition after the normal contest. Here we see (left to right) Dan Miller, Kyle Messner and Carter Danko setting up "Gibraltar". In the foreground notice the huge box fan that was duct-taped to the back of Gibraltar to provide the necessary cooling. Between the duct tape & the box fan, our team became the darling of all the engineers on the convention floor!
See a video interview with the team here.

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