Some SVG Drawings of Euler and Venn Diagrams
Euler diagrams on three sets replicated Ellipse with gradients oft replicated ellipse 5Venn with replicated gradients highway loops
Euler3.svg VRep1.svg VRep1a.svg VRep2x.svg rings2.svg
knot with traffic knotted highway Borromean rings with traffic rotating ellipse in V4 simple code
knot1.svg knot3.svg rings.svg VSimple3a.svg VSimple1a.svg
several diagrams varying opacity selecting colors in V4 coloration of venn4 7 ellipses replicated
V11.svg fourVenn2.svg knot2.svg family.svg repVenn7.svg
complex and simple closed curves Venn 5 - with and without concavities patterns to mark diagrams Venn5 with <replicate>
complex.svg concave.svg multitouch.svg markings.svg repVenn5.svg
using SVG gradients to mark a diagram close intersections choosing colors for regions using feImage to choose colors intersections: distance
gradients.svg far.svg V9a.svg Vellipse2.svg intersection.svg