CpSc Assessment

The Computer Science Department has created extensive assessment materials. This page is designed to provide access to these materials.

The department created its departmental outcomes and program outcomes after careful review of University and College Missions and Outcomes. The department also created an outcomes assessment plan for each course which includes the course outcomes, strategies for assessment and course assessment methods. The course outcomes are mapped to the appropriate program outcomes and the program outcomes are mapped to the University outcomes.

Assessment Methods and Feedback

The department utilizes three different assessment methods by three different constituencies. Data has been collected since 1998 for student surveys and since 2002 for course embedded assessment and external appraisals. In 2009, the external appraisal assessment method was replaced with an alumni survey. In the 2005 -2006 academic year, the feedback loop schedule was be modified to synchronize with the University wide assessment schedule.

Student surveys are calculated using a weighted average on a scale of 1 -5. Course embedded data is also calculated using a weighted average on a scale of 1-5. Averages of 3.0 are considered good, 4.0 is considered very good. Any average under a 3.0 requires attention.

Feedback is given annually to each constituent. Faculty feedback is ongoing, but is scheduled to occur at the department meeting towards the end of the Spring semester. In addition, meetings to discuss assessment and curriculum are scheduled as needed. Beginning in the Fall of 2005, the Department advisory board (external constituents) are provided with a report at their annual Fall meeting (usually November). Students provide feedback on assessment results during a fall student club meeting.

The assessment committee meets approximately 3 times per semester. The assessment committee analyzes the data at the beginning of the Spring semester. The department faculty discuss the assessment committees recommendations. Modifications to courses, curriculum, and the asseesment process are delegated to the appropriate committee. The assessment committee meets with the curriculum comnmittee to discuss the analysis. The curriculum committee will take the necessary actions to implement curriculum changes. Curriculum changes will be made during the Spring semester.
The assessment committee will take the necessary actions to make changes to the assessment process.

Assessment Committee

Assessment Documents

  1. University Mission
  2. College Mission
  3. Department Mission
  4. University Wide Outcomes
  5. Department Outcomes
  6. CS Degree outcomes
  7. CS Mapping to ABET
  8. IS Degree Outcomes
  9. IS Mapping to ABET
  10. IT Degree Outcomes
  11. IT Mapping to ABET
  12. Courses where outcomes are assessed
  13. Course Catalog
    Course outcomes can be found by selecting the course name in the catalog
Assessment Data