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Dr. Deborah Whitfield, Ph.D.
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Courses -- Summer 2017
CpSc 100 - Shell Commands and scripting

CpSc 246 - Advanced Programming
CpSc 376 - Programming Languages

Tigger: The bounciest kind!
Goofy and Me

John Stewart on Sexism First nine minutes are very entertaining!

Other Courses
CpSc 130 - Introduction to Computing and Programming Cpsc 140 - Intro to Programming (Alice) CpSc 146 - Introduction to Programming Principles: C++ CpSc 150 - Advanced Programming Principles: Java CpSc 207 - Shell Commands and Scripting CpSc 217 - Structured and Dynamic Web Programming CpSc 236 - Selected Languages: E-commerce CpSc 323 - Data Base Systems CpSc 464 - Operating Systems CpSc 466 - Compiler Design CpSc 478 - Analysis of Algorithms
Destiny - Burnese Mountain Dog

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