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Dr. Paul Mullins
Department of Computer Science
Slippery Rock University

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Office Hours (Spring 2018)

Tues & Thurs: 3:15-4:15
Wed: 1:00-4:00

Additional times by appointment, incl. online
275(244) ATSH, x4850

Free textbook for CpSc 100: Introduction to Computing for Liberal Arts

Spring 2018

CPSC130-01-2099 Intro to Computers and Programming
Traditional lecture - 2-3:15 T/Th room 230 ATSH
Text book: BALANCED INTRO TO COMPUTER SCIENCE, Reed, ISBN:9780132166751.
CPSC 300 Challenges of Computer Technology
Online course using D2L
Text book: GIFT OF FIRE, Baase, ISBN:9780134615271.
CPSC 374: Algorithms & Data Structures
Traditional lecture - 11-12:15 T/Th room 230 ATSH
Text Book: Data Structures & Algorithms in Java, Lafore, ISBN:9780672324536.

Fall 2017

Quick Links

Free online "book": Introduction to Computing, by Dr. Paul Mullins, 2011, 2017

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Once upon a time, this section contained dozens of useful links to resources on campus for students. I used it frequently. Over time it became more and more outdated. Using it became less reliable and so it was used less and less. This latest update (Spr17) is almost sad.

It is an example of how web pages age and, perhaps, a metaphor for how we all do. ;-)