2009 Conference April 3 & 4




Friday (April 3rd)

Student presentation
ATS 132
3:00 -
4:15 PM
Location: ATS Hallway
4:15 -
4:35 PM
The Fullerene Isomer Database
Jeffery Thomas (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania)
PACISE board meeting
Location: ATS 278 (Conference Room)
4:35 -
4:55 PM
Multi-touch Technology and Human-Computer Interaction
Matthew Machuga (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania) and Josh Nicely (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania)
4:55 -
5:15 PM
A System Administrators Outlook on Constructing a Scientific Research Cluster
Josh Nicely (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania) and Daniel Bennett (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania)
5:30 -
6:30 PM
Dinner Reception
Location: Weisenfluh Dining Hall
6:30 -
7:30 PM

Keynote Speech
Title: Web Search to Enterprise Search: The Next Big Thing
Speaker: Dr. Raul Valdes-Perez
Location: Weisenfluh Dining Hall

7:30 -
8:30 PM
Programming Contest Practice
Location: ATS 230 (PC Lab)
8:30 -
9:30 PM
Student Social
Location: ATS Lobby

Saturday (April 4th)

Presentation Schedule (8:30-11:40 AM)

Track 1
ATS 132
Track 2
ATS 133

Track 3
ATS 152

8:30 -
9:00 AM
Binary Searching on Imprecise Image Data
David T. Smith (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
A Lab-centered approach to Computer Science 1: learn to read and use test-driven development
Carol Wellington (Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania)
Creating Web Applications including Servlets and Web Services Using NetBean6.5 and GlassFish.V3
Yasir Khalifa (Slippery Rock University
9:00 -
9:30 AM
The Importance of Being Generic
Krish Pillai (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania)
A manifesto for software engineering: the "software crisis" and the "trust crisis"
Richard Beal (California University of Pennsylvania)
9:30 -
10:00 AM
ODONTA Data: A Web-Based Application for Tracking Dragonfly and Damselfly Populations
Mark A. Cohen (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania), Rachel E. Cass
Service Learning Case Study - Collaboration with the H.J. Heinz History Center
Gary J. DeLorenzo, Lisa L. Kovalchick (California University of Pennsylvania)
10:00 -
10:10 AM
10:10 -
10:40 AM

Use of instructional tools in a computer literacy course
Mark Jones (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania) and Bruce Wooley
(Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania)

A Genetic Algorithm-based Technique for Performing Video Similarity Searching
Dane Alabran (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) and Waleed Farag (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
10:40 -
11:10 AM
An Extensible Parameter Viewer for CUMULVS
Dan Bennett (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania), Paul Farrell (Kent State University), Arden Ruttan (Kent State University)
Simulation of bone Drilling for a haptic neurosurgical simulator
Jon M. Mease (Millersville University of Pennsylvania), Gary M. Zoppetti (Millersville University of Pennsylvania), Roger W. Webster (Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Verefi Technologies Incorporated), Randy S. Haluck (Verefi Technologies Incorporated, Penn State University College of Medicine), Michael J. Fiorill (Digital Indigo, L.L.C.), Carol L. Lake (Verefi Technologies Incorporated), Rod D. Shenk (Verefi Technologies Incorporated)
11:10 -
11:40 AM
Viability of XML in B2C Web Applications: From Struts to an XML Based Framework
David T. Smith (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
An integrative and adaptive method for abstracting digital video data
Waleed Farag (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)


Programming Contest (8:00-11:30 AM)

Location ATS 224, 230
8:00 - 8:30 AM
Programming contest check-in and practice
8:30 - 11:30 AM
Programming contest



11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Location: Boozel Dining Hall
12:50 - 1:50 PM
General Meeting
Location: SWC Auditorium


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